HElping Paws

FYDOLAND has a proactive approach to charities and sponsorships. We firmly believe it is our responsibility to support our communities and rescues. We are dedicated to delivering great experiences through our ongoing community support programs.

Throughout the year, FYDOLAND will participate and organize activities to raise funds for organizations in need. If you have an event that you would like for FYDOLAND to consider being a part of, please call Robin Massey at 844-438-3936 ext 3


FYDOLAND works with local animal rescues allowing those four-legged kids who are still searching for their forever homes to come play a couple of days a week at no cost. This program helps keep the dogs socialized and exercised. It also gives the canine kids extra exposure to the community to help find them homes.

Foster Fun at FYDOLAND


Every year FYDOLAND holds a drive during the winter holidays to collect much needed supplies for the local rescues in our area. Each store chooses a rescue to to help.

Presents for Pups